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Batting Cage Use Policy and Reservations

Cage Use Policy

Cage use is at the users own risk ...

PYO Members that are approved trainers, instructors, team members/coaches, parent assistants, etc. will be permitted to use the Batting Cages in the League Season in which they are participating on a PYO team. No other individuals or non member entities (includes teams visiting PYO) are authorized to use the cages without an approval from the PYO Board.  

NO cleats/spikes inside of the batting cage areas are permitted, (including rubber  ones) ... this pertains to all players and coaches.

NO climbing or pulling or hanging on the nets ... NO climbing over the fence to enter the cage areas to use the cages. The cages are not a play area.

ALL Players inside the cages MUST wear a Helmet ... typically there should be a batter inside the designated cage hitting  area, and a hitter awaiting their turn in the entry staging area. Anyone in the staging area should keep a safe distance from the netting behind the batter. When gathering up balls inside of the netted areas no batter should be hitting. If coaches are using a hitting tee and/or doing soft toss they must have players hit balls into the center net inside of a cage lane Adequate distance should be used between players and each hitting station must use one of the movable hitting mats for each hitter. Also only appropriate wiffle balls may be used for such soft toss drills. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY TYPE OF BATTING MACHINES BE ALLOWED IN THE CAGES.

NO swinging of bats ,"outside of the immediate cage areas", this is especially a concern with the cage located near the concession stand area that has a lot of pedestrian traffic ... this means No warm up swings, nor hitting of swing sticks, or other devices, and/or hitting of any type of ball into the cage fence at any time. Players awaiting their turn in the cage should keep their bats lined up inside of the cage itself.

On days when the fields are closed, the PYO website "Field Conditions Update" will address Cage Usage on that day. Our intent is to make the cages available to PYO Teams for their use during the available daylight hours as long as it is not raining and there is no lightening threat in the area.

The cage should be unlocked by the first team of the day and locked by all teams after use as long as there is no other team immediately ready to use the cage.

You will be provided the Lock Combination at the time of your reservation.

Pitching Lane Use Policy

On days when the fields are closed, pitching lanes will open or closed based on the PYO Website posting "Field Condition Update" Cage usage for that  day.

All catchers and stand in batters must wear full game equipment.

The pitching rubber and home plate area and must be repaired after use.

If there is a tarp on the pitching or catching areas it must be replaced after use.

Batting Cage / Pitching Lane Reservation Policy 

Each PYO  team for the Spring Season will be able to reserve a  Cage / Lane 1 time per week for 1 hour

Each PYO  team can reserve Cage / Lane use for the following week. There will be no multiple or recurring Cage / Lane slot reservations honored

Same day weekday reservation requests will not be honored. Weekend reservation requests after 4 pm on Friday's will not be honored

Same day or weekend usage without a prior reservation will be first come first served and will be limited to 30 minute honor system increments

Batting Cage / Pitching Lane Reservation Process

Log on to the PYO Web Site and select the Batting Cage Use link (if you are on line you are here)

Hit this link to go to the Batting Cage / Pitching Lane Calendar

The Password is: cage

Determine your preferred slot from available slots based on the following time schedule in 1hour increments:  

                Weekdays = 6pm to 8pm  ----   Saturdays = 8am to 8pm ----  Sundays = 1pm to 8pm

Click on the in the Calendar Header and request the slot for the upcoming week

The Batting Cage Coordinator will check your eligibility and schedule your approved slot with a confirmation E-Mail reply

The more in advance you schedule your Cage / Lane, the easier it will be to communicate same to your team

We encourage coaches to take advantage of these enhancements to our facilities with proper respect and common sense regarding safety considerations and to sustain the integrity of the Batting Cages and Pitching Lanes