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PYO - Kroger Community Rewards Program

The PYO / Kroger Community Rewards Program collectively has helped hundreds of PYO families as well as helped PYO fund the overall Baseball and Softball experience for the PYO Youth. The Kroger Community Rewards Program can earn PYO and Your family, Registration Credit through your use of a Kroger Plus Shopper's Card. The Kroger Plus Shopper's Card can provide your family many Kroger purchase discounts / other benefits and may be obtained at any Kroger store. 

Once you have obtained a Kroger Plus Shopper's Card, from your local Kroger store, you will need to register that card with Kroger and then link that card to PYO using the Kroger Website. It will ask for the organization name or number so type "pisga" or "RH247". This can all be done in less than 5 minutes. The bottom of your next Kroger receipt (on a purchase that you used your Kroger Plus Shopper's card) should indicate that "You requested Kroger to donate to the Pisgah Youth Organization". This message confirms all is linked properly and that PYO will be  receiving a donation from Kroger on your behalf.

What's in it for You........   To offset your Spring Baseball and/or Softball Registration Fees, PYO wilI provide your family a Registration Credit equal to 50% of the Kroger Donation that your family earned.*  Please E-Mail  with your Kroger Plus Shopper's Card number and the card number(s) associated with the name of your Family members, neighbors and or friends (after linking the card(s) to PYO using the Kroger website).  PYO's records will then show which card(s) are associated with your family. The use of multiple Kroger Plus Cards linked to PYO will provide more registration fee credits to your family. *PYO Credits can be accumulated from November 1st through October 30th  in any given year and applied to the following years' Registration Fee Total. The following year's registration starts in mid November for the next Spring season. Credit will only be given toward the Spring Registration Fees.

To obtain your family credit...... When registering your child, please provide a dated screen shot printout of up to the four Kroger calendar quarters as follows - 11/1 to 1/31 --  2/1 to 4/30 --  5/1 to 7/31 --  8/1 to 10/30    In order for this program to work, you will need to print out the dated screen(s) described during the next calendar quarter. The screen can be found on the Kroger website. After logging in to the Kroger website hit "My Account". Please bring the dated printout(s) of your Kroger rewards quarterly donations with you when registering your child for the next Spring Baseball and Softball Season.

We  will apply the registration credit at the PYO November Registration Event.  A family could earn up to 100% of their Registration Fees through PYO credits. Any family earnings over 100% of the November Registration Fee Total for, a given year, will remain in the PYO  Treasury. Credits will not be cumulative year to year and are not transferable or payable in cash.

Contact:  if there are any questions.