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About  PYO

Pisgah Youth Organization (P.Y.O.) was chartered under Ohio Articles of Incorporation on June 23, 1959, and operates exclusively as a recreational and educational organization. For those interested we will continue to update our Archive Link of past documents and programs as we receive the information. 

Since June of 1959, Pisgah Youth Organization (PYO) has been providing recreational and educational Baseball and Softball to the West Chester community.  PYO could not have existed for this long without the dedication and support from the immeasurable member support, volunteer efforts, and business community sponsorship.

As we celebrate its 60 years of existence, over the years, the organization recognized seven people by dedicating a PYO Baseball Field, naming it in their honor.  These folks epitomize the kind of dedication to the organization required to keep PYO running. They have individually worked, for over 15 years, mostly behind the scenes, to keep the organization financially fit, the grounds fit for play, and our children competitively fit by ensuring a solid inter-community program existed.

Field number 1, will also be known as ------- Alton Thomas Field

Field number 4, will also be known as ------- Floyd Lawson Field

Field number 5, will also be known as ------- Robert J. Quatkemeyer, Jr. Field

Field number 6, will also be known as ------- Roger “Mel” Melford Field

Field number 7, will also be known as ------- Greg Ernst Field

Field number 8, will also be known as ------- Gene Drozd Field

Field number 9, will also be known as ------- Bob Shinkle Field

The objectives of P.Y.O. are:

1.  To establish and provide youth activities as deemed appropriate for the development of youth.
2.  To promote and teach youth:  sportsmanship, leadership, and integrity.
3.  To promote cooperation with other organizations and communities who are interested in
     youth activities.

ACTIVITIES and PROGRAMS - BlastBall (3 1/2 to 4) -- T-Ball (5 & 6) -- Coach Pitch (7) -- Baseball ( 8 to 18) -- Fastpitch Softball (8 to 16) -- Select Teams  -- FallBall
P.Y.O. provides a well-rounded Baseball/Softball program for boys and girls between the ages of  4 and 18 years of age.  All participants have a minimum mandatory playing time and bat in a continuous batting order.  Free substitution rules allow coaches the freedom to develop players in a spirit of fairness and equal opportunity, and still maintain competitive levels of play. Each of our leagues enjoy healthy rivalries.  More details can be found in the Rules for each level of play.

The PYO Baseball teams have competed in the Knothole Club of Cincinnati League since 1997. This league  provides PYO players games with other communities that leads toward enhanced overall baseball skills. 

PYO supports Select Teams and fields the PYO Patriot select teams in the SWOL League Spring Season. Contact the a PYO Officer for more information. 

Boys, beyond the age of 18,who are interested in continued play should seek information regarding team availability in the College Division of the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.

Girls FastPitch Softball teams, 8U to 16U, compete in the Cincy North League that encompasses the Northern Greater Cincinnati Area. Travel is limited to the neighboring communities.

BlastBall is an entry level program that allows 3 1/2 and 4 year olds the opportunity to play. Teams consist of 5 to 6 players 3 innnings (about 45 minutes) are played mostly on Saturdays. Players bat a foam ball from a tee and when they get to a base and jump the base honks, hence the name BlastBall.

PYO offers a Fall Baseball and Softball program for same ages as listed above. The Fall program is designed to be skill development oriented for the players to help prepare the players for next season. More details can be obtained on our website starting in the late Spring of each year or contact a  PYO Officer.

Select teams not affiliated with PYO that are looking for Field Space should contact the Select Teams Coordinator and ask about the field usage program..

P.Y.O. is also the Charter Organization for Pack #941 and Troop #914 of the Boy Scouts of America, providing a quality Scout program to families and youth of the community.



The Spring season usually begins in late March, after a facility wide clean up of winter debris and a thorough drying out of our fields. Except for BlastBall, teams' will typically practice two times a week during the Month of April and play their League Games two times a week during the months of May and June. In Blastball there are usually a couple of practices in mid April and games are played mostly in May and June. All scheduled League activities generally cease on or before July 3rd. The specific league game end date varies based on the child's age group. We ask parents to schedule any out of town vacations in July and August after their child's last scheduled League Game. When a coach can not field a team, based on players being absent, this leads to unplayed games and league forfeits. Unplayed games and Forfeits are unfair to the rest of  the team and their opponents. We also ask each parent to support PYO by participating in the Cincinnati Reds Kid Glove Game. Kid Glove details and games dates can be provided by the coach or a PYO Officer.


The following is a list of items on which action has been taken in direct response to coaches and parent involvement. In some cases there is a direct bearing on the cost of our program that was taken into consideration, however, we intend to listen and assist those who are interested in the future growth of what we provide . If you want to make a difference we encourage you to get involved. All membership meetings are open to all members.

Upgraded Umpire attire at umpire expense and budgeted Umpire fees to attract more adults into the umpiring program. 

More Scheduled Games.

Extended Season in response to more field time.

Less players per team to increase playing time.

Improving Quality of the Fields.

Quality player equipment at all levels

Batting Cages available at the PYO Complex

Certified Instructors available to answer questions of coaches and parents without cost.

PYO participates in certain tournaments for those interested in playing baseball during the month of July and sometimes early August. Tournament teams may form forming in early May. Participation may be subject to tryouts, additional cost, and does not guarantee mandatory playing time as does our regular season play. Anyone interested in forming a tournament team should express such interest in writing (e-mail), briefly describing their coaching background and level of interest. Please contact a PYO Officer

The various activity fees for participants are determined each year by the Executive Board, based upon planned budgets and adequate reserves.  Registration for Baseball/Softball activities are announced via the internet, the local media and throughout local schools.  Registration, due to planning requirements of our growing organization (over 1,200 strong), is usually the 2nd weekend in November, and held at a local venue.

Anyone interested in playing ball during the Fall should contact PYO Officer  for more information. The program will be held on Sunday afternoons and last approximately seven weeks starting in mid August. Emphasis will be placed upon improving Pitching, Catching for catchers, and Hitting instruction in clinic format, followed by game play. The structure of these programs will depend upon the amount of player interest. Coaches may schedule team practice upon request.

P.Y.O. is a volunteer organization and depends greatly upon the exceptional talents of its volunteer base. Dedicated parents donate numerous hours of their time to provide a quality program for our youth.  For the Executive Board, the Coordinators, the Coaches, Umpires and Assistants in special projects, both past and present, we are sincerely grateful.  P.Y.O. is also supported by sponsorships from within the local business community to whom we are always thankful, and ask that you support them whenever possible.

Regular scheduled meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of each month. All regularly scheduled meetings are held at the P.Y.O. Administration Building located at 9124 Cincinnati-Columbus Road (Route 42), and are open to all members. Your participation is strongly encouraged.  Meeting time and dates will be posted on our website.

FIELD USE POLICY:   When are the fields closed ?
All PYO fields are closed whenever the PYO "Field Conditions Update" on the PYO Website indicates so. Members should check with the PYO Website whenever the weather conditions are questionable. During the season on weekdays this hotline is updated daily by 5:00 PM regarding unplayable field conditions. Saturday conditions will be updated by 8.00 AM.   Sunday conditions will be updated by noon.  Violating this rule could result in losing field privileges for practices or in having the coach suspended.  All fields not scheduled for games will be closed on Friday evenings for preparation of Saturday games. This means no practicing on fields after they have been prepared for Saturday.

PYO PETS POLICY - Please take note that Pets are not permitted at PYO Facilities.

If you are interested in becoming a PYO sponsor please complete a Sponsorship Form provided on this Website and mail it with you payment to the address indicated.

Your questions and concerns are always welcome.  For more specific information, please contact one of our Board Members via E-Mail or phone